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May 16, 2014

Crochet Fingerless Newborn Baby Mittens

I just love baby mittens because they keep newborns from scratching their faces during sleep. I always love including these mittens in a set for new mommies! They are super quick to work-up and are easy skill level. I suggest for a more tight look and no top holes showing to begin with a Magic Circle.

Try learning the Magic Circle from the following YouTube Video. It is very difficult to learn it from a readable tutorial, it is an art you must see first hand. In my opinion, I think of a Magic Circle as a slip knot that has not been closed. You just start your stitching right away in the slip knot instead of doing a chain circle!
Teresa Richardson's Tutorial on the Magic Circle

Crochet Baby Mittens Pattern
Hook Size: 3.5mm
Yarn: Please note I am located in India and yarns are very different than in UK and USA. We go by ply and I always give my best estimate of what weight to use in other parts of the world.  For this project I used Vardhman Baby Soft 2-3ply yarn. In UK/US it would be a baby weight yarn.
Weight: I used about 5 grams of yarn for both mittens.

1. Begin with Magic Circle and chain 3, then 15 DC. Pull tight and start with Row 1.

Row 1: 2 DC in each DC with first DC in Ch 3 space;
             Sl St to join in top of Ch 3

Row 2 - Row 7: Ch 3
                         1 DC in each DC
                         Sl St in top of Ch 3 space

Row 8: Sk 1 st using a sl st
            5 DC in 2nd DC from hook, sk 1, 1 sl st
           * 5 DC in next DC, sk 1, 1 sl st* Repeat around
            Sl St 2X, Ch 1 and finish off & weave ends

For cord make a chain of 35, knot off and weave into Row 6

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